Friday, January 18, 2013

Well, here's a weird one...

I forgot to pull out my sketchbook today, but fortunately I happened to draw my son. He is not usually too excited about artsncrafts (as he calls all things art related), but makes exceptions when gadgets or power tools are involved. He won't normally sit and draw with crayons, but when I pull out a hot plate and let him squoodge them around and smear lovely, melty wax all over everything, he gets a lot more into it. While he was drawing rockets and volcanoes, I drew him. It's not a great likeness, but I kind of like it anyway. It's easy to take risks and experiment when you're using a really weird medium.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drawing Daily

Hello, blog. I'm back! Motivated by crit group pal Kate, I have been attempting to make a drawing a day from life (and nearly succeeding!). My plan was to dust off this old blog and post the daily drawings here, but it's taken a while to get around to that part of the challenge. I've been procrastinating in part because I am not super pleased with most of my drawings. So far they are mostly serving to remind me how rusty and creaky my drawing hand gets when I fail to draw for weeks at a time. The up side is that the act of drawing motivates me to draw more -- many days I've ended up making three or four sketches over the course of the day. So I'm hoping this rustiness will wear off eventually and I will begin to be happier with the results.

I'm finding it easy to draw people and harder to draw objects or scenes. No big surprise -- people have always been my preferred subject matter. But I need to work on all that other stuff that fills up the world.  Perhaps I'll add more parameters to the challenge next month. But for now, just getting the drawings done is enough.

Here's a sampling from the past 3 weeks (sorry for the terrible iphone photos). I'll try to post daily or weekly from here on out...